The lost girl | Weekly writing challenge

It had taken an immense effort for her to free the scrap from the deathlike clutch around it.

She now looked down at the photo that had been once crumpled in the frail witch’s knotted fingers.

That’s what Mrs. Brown was to her lately-A WITCH. The epithet changed every other week depending on the latest unfortunate interaction between her & Mrs. Brown.

The most recent one involved her being snooped upon by The Witch exactly when she was trying to catch to catch the eye of the brawny salesman. What followed were a few barked orders and snide comments – that had almost reduced her to tears.

It had been 5 years now. FIVE incredibly difficult years that had seen her – Sarah work as Mrs.Brown’s assistant & general punching bag. The Witch’s moods changed every hour , though her opinion on Sarah remained constant – that she was an ungrateful dimwit. She kept hoping that The Witch would kick her out for she had lost the will to quit a long time ago. One’s will & confidence can only hold out for so long.

She glanced back at the photo in her hand. At the little girl in pink, frowning back at her. The resemblance was unmistakable. This was Harriet Brown. THE Witch as she knew her now. What changed in the past  60 years or so that turned the adorable kid with golden hair into the woman that lay down before her? As a child she seemed to have held on to her father with her little gloved hand. What made her give up on love and relationships so easily that she lay all alone in a hospital bed now? With only a woman who detested her for company?

The nurse’s soft footsteps interrupted Sarah’s reverie.. It was time for The Witch to come out of her drug induced stupor.The questions about lil Harriet’s transformation into Mrs.Brown would remain …unanswered.

(My first attempt at fiction!)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet says:

    Your first attempt at fiction – good work.

    1. marinaszone says:

      Thanks Janet ! Much appreciated 🙂

  2. shayne says:


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