So what am I thankful for ? | Weekly Photo Challenge (Thankful)

A string of dashed hopes & some really low lows sent me into a ‘Count my blessings’ mode lately. The weekly photo challenge couldnt have come at a better time.

And I sat down, scratching my head, wondering :  “So what am I thankful for?”  Lots apparently!

My biggest blessing : Ma!

Well ye, I can hear MADdy shake her head in disagreement : She nags & she worries about me all the time & she loves to point my flaws out & she constantly wonders why her daughter isnt a superwoman yet. But she is the first person that comes to my mind : When I am lost . Or hungry. Or depressed. Or frustrated. Or thirsty/tired/lonely/sick…Take your pick. I am thankful.

Momma & Me!


The sort of pals who can make you giggle endlessly, who are as demented as you are, pull you up when you’re down & well at most times, yell at you to cut out the drama or jump right into the middle of one. For creating moments that are unforgettable. I am thankful.

Gossip. Masti. Madness

I am thankful for the little passion I have.The will to try new things.

And fail. Or sometimes succeed.

At times achieve a little bit of both. And still not feel let down.

Tulip (Oil P)

For hope. For every sunset I get to watch.

Its a sign, that I can actually sleep over troubles. And that a new day awaits. A really beautiful one at that!

Sunset @ Sunview

One Comment Add yours

  1. Divya Jhala says:

    Lovely Maree!!!!! Keep it up!!! xxx

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