When was the last time you prayed for someone?

I am not sure how many are going to remember the answer to that.
Or may they do, and the said action was during a momentous phase in their life aeons ago.

I am pretty sure however, if the question was rephrased to – When was the last time you grumbled about something in your life; I would have atleast 98% of my friends answer: “As recent as yesterday”. The rest, I call my amazing 2%.

YES we grumble. Whine even. We complain about having a crappy job. We groan about a tough boss. We complain about being single. Or having a difficult spouse.
On a vacation a few days ago, I realised I did exactly that – In a 20 minute conversation with a friend, I grumbled non-stop for almost 15 minutes.

We mutter about the unfairness of life. That we wished we had a second chance. That the in-laws were warmer. Siblings less of a pain in the a**. Relatives simply were saner and maybe had a partial memory loss when they met us.

We dream about and hope for a better us. With straighter hair. Fewer kilos. Whiter teeth. Better skin.
We get jealous. Jealous about someone who went on a vacation and put up pics on Facebook. Or maybe got married. Or had a baby. Or maybe simply just breathed the same air as the rest of us and is yet seemingly happier.

What if we werent such petty people? What if we laughed at challenges, made fun of pain and welcomed a new struggle? If we worried less about how we looked and more about how we made others feel. What if our each day was filled with some insane humour, mad movie lines and ended with some amazing music.
BestieI know of someone who does JUST THAT. She has lived the most of the past 3 years being immobile and in pain. She was someone I barely knew or took the effort to know until I understood the beautiful person she was and the amazing journey she has been on. She has smiled through it all and has been the epitome of strength and confidence. Her home has been a refuge in times of conflict and her calm voice my antidote to all stress. With her, I DONT GRUMBLE. I realise that my life, every moment of it, is a miracle. I am blessed to be me. Blessed that I have her as a friend.

Today she faces her moment of truth. A moment we have been waiting for. She faces her toughest fight as she is wheeled in for surgery today.

So, do me a favour, a good deed for the day if you may- PRAY. Pray to that one God, (whatePrayver you may call him) for my friend. That she fights her best fight. That she comes back, just as I expect her to – with a wicked smile. That after all this, I may realise that God is in his heaven, he is working and all’s well with the rest of the world. That the amazing 2% of my friend circle is still intact. I need her healthy. We all do. Rockstars such as these are very rare. Trust me, I KNOW.


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